- Frequently Asked Questions -
  • How do we plan the trip?

    Our goal is to ensure that your time on board Charmer is spent doing what you want and we will work with you to plan your charter. Our captain will be in touch with you prior to your charter to find out what you want to do, discuss planned stops, activities as well as provisioning based on your preferences. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests like food, drinks, etc... e
    specially on weekly charters.

  • How far can we go, how many stops can we make in a week?

    Charmer's captain will assist you in deciding on an itinerary and plan the stops. Charmer normal cruise speed is 22kts (25mph) which opens many destinations to weekly charters including the Dry Tortugas and most of the Bahamas while keeping time underway to a minimum each day so that you can enjoy your destinations and stops along the way. Normally, 3 to 4 hours underway each day is as much as you want to do but Charmer can cover close to 100 miles in that time frame.

  • How flexible is the schedule and itinerary?

    As flexible as you want it to be! A luxury charter is not a commercial cruise with 2000 others... you are on your own yacht and decide where you want to go and how long you want to stay. So if along the way you decide to stay later in one place or skip another one, Charmer's captain will be happy to follow your instructions.

  • Is Charmer kid friendly?

    Yes! In fact over half of our weekly charters are with families. Charmer's aft deck is safe for children thanks to gates to the swimplatform and the large U shape settee all protected from the sun with a long overhang yet open and airy. Our DVD library includes a large selection of cartoons and PG movies and our crew knows how to make sure children have a good time. When time comes to enjoy water activity, our oversized swimplatorm is perfect with plenty of room to play, fish or just "hang out". And kids love our hammock chair suspended above the water!

  • What is included in your "specials" and what is not?

    Our "specials" packages were designed to take the guesswork out of chartering a luxury motoryacht like Charmer. Our competitive rates include the yacht, the crew (captain and mate), drinks and foods as well as fuel. The only things which are not included are additional dockage at marinas of your choosing during the charter and gratuity for the crew.

  • What kind of activity can we do during the charter?

    Charmer's high performance dinghy is ideal for snorkeling trips, runs to the beach and sandbars or to take you shore when anchored out. Its modern four stroke 50hp engine is quiet and environmentally friendly. Charmer also carries 2 ocean kayaks, ideal to explore quiet coves, as well as snorkeling gear and a windsurfer. Those interested in high speed thrills will enjoy our 2008 Yamaha Waverunner personal watercraft.
    Additional activities can be coordinated with local shore based companies incl. sailing, scuba diving, fishing, tours and excursions, etc..

  • Can we start or end the charter somewhere else besides Miami?

    Absolutely! For charters to the Bahamas for instance, should you want to board the yacht in Nassau, Georgetown or other locations, it can be arranged. We can deliver Charmer to your port of choice for a minimal fee (typically running expenses to relocate the yacht).

  • What expenses do we need to plan for on weekly charters?

    Fuel, dockage, food and drinks, gratuity (15 to 20% of charter cost) and additional shore side activities.
    - Provisioning for food and drinks will be billed at cost.
    - Dockage varies depending on destinations and marinas (anywhere between $100 a night to $400 a night); options will be discussed prior to your charter depending on what you want to do and where you want to stop. In most places, you also have the option of anchoring out.
    - Shore side services (tours, taxis, restaurants, other activities...) are usually paid by the guests directly.
    - Fuel will be billed using the engines electronic fuel computers at the current cost at our home port (including our bulk discount). Should we refuel during the charter, local fuel price will used for that portion of the cost. On average, Charmer uses 20 gallons an hour at a slow cruise of 10kts (11mph) and 80 gallons an hour at her 21kts (24mph) normal cruise. Fuel used in the generators will be billed at the same price, based on 2 gallon per hour (using the generator hour meters)

  • How do we book?

    Charmer is available for booking through Charter Brokers. When chartering through a broker, they will explain the procedures and payment requirements. When booking directly, a 50% deposit is required upon booking with payment in full no later than two weeks prior to boarding. For weekly charters, a deposit of 30% of the charter cost is required prior to boarding to cover expenses (fuel and provisions). This amount may be adjusted for special itinerary or provisioning requests. At the end of the charter, unused funds will be refunded.

  • What is it like on board, is it really "luxurious"?

    Yes it is! In addition to her luxurious appointments, Charmer is fully air conditioned with redundant systems. We have two 20KW generators, each capable of running all the systems, twin water heaters, twin high capacity water pumps and water maker with state of the art filtration. You will feel like you are in a luxury resort and won't have to worry about running out of water of electricity!

  • What language does the crew speak?

    Our crew is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

  • What kind of food do you serve on board Charmer?

    Anything you would like as long as you request it before leaving the dock! As you can imagine it may a little difficult to find Swiss Apenzeler, fresh trout or your favorite Bordeaux when anchored in the Bahamas... Even for day charters, we provision at places like Whole Foods or Fresh Market to ensure you get quality natural items and cook almost everything from scratch. We can also prepare special foods for those on gluten free, dairy free, or sugar free diets. No Subway sandwiches or supermarket shrimp platters on Charmer!

  • What do we need to bring?

    For charters to the Bahamas, you must have a valid passport. Please note that Bahamian customs charge a $300 clearing fee per boat when arriving in the Bahamas. Upon returning to the US, all passengers and crew must clear US immigration in person at the closest facility, typically at the port of Miami.

  • How about sea sickness or rough water?

    A yacht charter is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and your comfort is our priority; we do our best to avoid rough weather and open seas. For day charters on Biscayne Bay, the water is always calm as th bay is well protected by Key Biscayne and the flats that extend to the south. For charters in the Bahamas we recommend the Exumas out of Nassau or Georgetown as most of the cruising grounds and anchorages are on the protected bank side of the chain of islands. For charters to Bimini out of Miami, we suggest you keep in mind that the gulf stream may be too rough for crossing, especially in winter, and that we may have to change the itinerary to the Florida Keys instead.

  • Any rules on board? I've heard yachting can be formal...

    Again, being on a yacht is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and besides basic safety guidelines, our only rule is that you got to have fun!

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